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For Your Body

Let yourself be swept away on a Serenity journey.

A visit to Serenity Spa is an experience unlike any other. Here, you can take a deep breath, let go, relax...and experience how rich ingredients and effective treatment techniques give new life to your skin and body.

From pure relaxation to remedies for specific beauty needs: the luxurious face and body treatments provided by Serenity technicians fulfill both wishes at the same time.

A professional skin analysis is conducted at Serenity Spa to customize treatments and skin care products just for you. While you relax, your skin will benefit from Serenity’s extensive expertise.

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Serenity Signature Body Massage

This relaxing Swedish-style massage uses a skillful combination of gentle stroking, kneading and deep circular motions to help soothe your sore, tired muscles. Let your mind drift as your therapist works to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from tissue, leaving you relaxed yet invigorated. (View price list)

Serenity Aroma Oil Massage

Escape…and let Serenity Spa take you on a wellness journey of the senses. Aromatic oils are blended to your needs—the soothing, lasting effect provides a sense of harmony and well-being. Aroma Oil Massages are available to relieve specific ailments such as arthritis, headaches or muscle tension. (View price list)

Serenity Body Massage for Two

Experience a total state of relaxation—together! Full-hour Serenity body massage for two is the ultimate in pleasure. Relax your mind and rejuvenate your body with the wonderful effleurage and soothing, circular motions of a Serenity massage. Champagne in our fireplace lounge—the perfect finale. (View price list)

Back Tension Relief Massage

This is a deep tissue massage performed to release the accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders and back. You will immediately feel relieved from stress and pain. (View price list)

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

This massage style is directed towards specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscular system. Deep tissue work uses a variety of firm, direct strokes and techniques to loosen blockages in the muscle. (View price list)

Swedish-Style Body Massage

A traditional massage technique using firm yet gentle pressure. Used to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. (View price list)

Pregnancy Massage

Customized for the very special needs of moms-to-be. Our therapists are able to gently relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, ease neck, shoulder and back pain, and reduce water retention. (View price list)


Stimulating the body’s inner powers of balance and healing using energy meridians, shiatsu corrects and maintains the proper position of the bones and muscles to balance the body’s energy and nervous system. (View price list)


Reiki is holistic, healing energy work that is especially beneficial. Your therapist will work on balancing your energies and promote deep relaxation, creating equilibrium and harmony. Using a light touch to channel healing energy to you, Reiki is used to relieve physical and emotional pain and to promote spiritual clarity. (View price list)


Enhancing our body’s energy chakras, colour therapy uses the seven colours of the light spectrum to stimulate our body’s own healing process. The energy relating to each of these spectrum colours resonates with the energy of the seven main chakras of the body. Coupled with massage, Reiki or body treatments, the use of colour can improve balance, health and wellness. Experience Chakra Balancing alone or add to any Ritual. (View price list)

Cranio-sacral Therapy

By focusing on the movement of the cranio-sacral system, gentle pressure on the upper and lower spine or sacrum, this specific massage can assist with headache relief, musculo-skeletal pain, sinuses, and vertigo. (View price list)

Lymph Drainage

A very gentle rhythmic massage and compression technique, focusing on the movement of the lymph fluid. Reducing swelling and fluid retention in soft tissue, Lymph Drainage can be achieved through gentle manual or aromatherapy massage. (View price list)

Indian Head Massage

This invigorating head and scalp massage provided with or without oils, is traditionally given by mothers to their children in India. In Hindi ‘champi’ is the word used for head massage. A combination of acupressure and shiatsu movements on the head scalp, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands that releases tension, stimulates the blood and lymph circulations and rebalances energy. (View price list)

Eucalyptus Sinus Therapy

Ozone and eucalyptus enriched steam coupled with a sinus clearing face massage help to decongest blocked sinus and release headaches. Warm eucalyptus compresses clarify your mind and let you breathe again. (View price list)


This ancient form of healing uses finger point pressure on the reflex zones of the feet and hands to restore the flow of energy through the body. Reflexology is relaxing and helpful in relieving migraines, insomnia, and stress; instilling deep relaxation and an incredible feeling of overall well-being. (View price list)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Embrace the ancient art of Lomi Lomi Massage—a Hawaiian ritual for the soul. Supporting harmony and balance, rhythmic motions move over your body like gentle waves. Nurturing every cell, Lomi Lomi opens the channels of the body allowing for the freedom of flowing Mana (your true self). Find yourself in a place of serenity and peace. (View price list)

European Stone Massage

This treatment combines traditional Swedish massage with warm stone therapy. Experience the realm of the senses with our unique wellness fragrance of green tea and ginseng. This aromatherapy journey, combined with heated river stones gliding over your body, is the ultimate sensory experience, inducing day dreaming, deep relaxation. (View price list)

Thai Stem Massage

Traditional healing herbs are enveloped in linen and heated. These warm herbal stems are massaged upon the meridian lines throughout the body to help aid in relaxation, rebalance and detoxification. Deeply penetrating moist heat and therapeutic herbs are absorbed by the body—spiritually healing and comforting. (View price list)

Traditional Thai Massage

Originating over 2,500 years ago, Traditional Thai Massage is one of the world’s most ancient healing modalities. It combines elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure, working with the energy pathways of the body and the therapy points that are located along these lines. This form of holistic treatment harmonizes the body, increases energy, relieves stress and promotes a peaceful mind. It is therapeutic, relaxing, energizing and effective; it focuses upon the energy make up of the body, alleviating it of aches, pains, discomforts or imbalances, de-stressing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. (View price list)

Moisture Embrace

Pair any treatment with this gentle detoxifying steam bath. Benefits of this treatment are the releasing of impurities, detoxifying the tissues and eliminating retained fluids. (View price list)

Micro Buff Full-Body Polish

This gentle exfoliation treatment will leave your skin soft, clean and revitalized by removing dead skin cells, improving circulation and breaking down stubborn cellulite deposits. (View price list)

Aromatherapy Body Salt Glow

This deep-cleansing exfoliation treatment uses a blend of sea and mineral salts as well as essential oils to help relieve stress, improve circulation and smooth your skin. (View price list)

Body Cocooning

When your skin is dehydrated and your body feels tender and in need of some real TLC, try this customized aromatherapy treatment of your choice. Your Aroma Therapist will blend selected oils and wrap you into a warm comforting cocoon, all designed to set you adrift in a sea of relaxation. (View price list)

Back Facial

This purifying and soothing treatment is specially designed for the tender skin on your back. A gentle extraction of impurities, massage and mask are included. (View price list)

Serenity Body Wraps

Each body wrap begins with a body polish which prepares the skin to receive nourishing properties. An exfoliating scrub prior to a warm wrap prepares the skin to better absorb all the nutrients applied during the customized body wrap. Your skin is then rinsed clean and the treatment is completed with an application of rich moisturizer.

Body wrap treatments are as popular as ever with spa–goers as they seek relief from stress–induced daily life. Used in many spas the body wrap treatment helps to:

  • balance body systems
  • soothe aches and pains
  • lose inches
  • increase circulation
  • reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • leave the skin glowing and smooth

European Rose Body Wrap

The delicate fragrance of European Rose envelops you as the caressing and emollient ingredients in this soothing warm wrap moisturize and protect your skin. (View price list)

Full Body Brush Massage & Body Air Brush Tan

This invigorating treatment leaves your entire body rejuvenated and refreshed. Gently exfoliating dry skin cells enables best results with our full body airbrush tan. (View price list)

Cleopatra Body Wrap

Secrets of the ancient world are offered to you in this luxuriant treatment. After a sea salt exfoliation, mild and caressing milk and cream is applied over your entire body. We massage you gently with essential rose-infused oils that leave you smooth and velvety. Feel like a Queen. (View price list)

Chocolate Body Wrap

Indulge in the sensual aroma of chocolate in this fragrant body wrap. The perfect romantic experience for brides, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or ‘just because’. (View price list)

Detoxifying and Slimming Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweed is renowned for its detoxifying power. This mineralizing, regenerating and stress-relieving wrap contains essential life-giving properties from the sea. (View price list)

Moor Mud Body Wrap

Moor mud, identical to your skin’s cells, replenishes depleted nutrientsand nurtures your tissues, while boosting your metabolism. (View price list)

Buttermilk Body Wrap

Begin with a pampering, aromatic body scrub designed to mildly exfoliate while providing vital nutrients, invigorating the entire body. You are cocooned and kept warm to allow the body butter to penetrate the skin. While you are enveloped in warmth, a soothing scalp massage helps to further relax you. A finishing application of rich body lotion concludes this body quenching treatment to leave your skin silky smooth. (View price list)

Wellness Herbal Steam Wrap

The herbal body wrap is one of the most comforting and healing of spa treatments available at Serenity Spa. Using an assortment of purifying botanical ingredients the spa therapist formulates an infusion for your enjoyment. Linens are steamed in fragrant healing herbs, after which the linens are wrapped snugly around the body. (View price list)

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