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Waxing and/or Sugaring for Men and Women

Waxing is an effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair. We offer you tip-to-toe waxing, performed in complete privacy. Sugaring is a gentle alternative to other temporary hair removal methods. Since sugar cannot adhere to skin cells, this treatment is suitable for and will not irritate dry and extremely sensitive skin.

You may request warm wax, strip wax, sugar or strip sugar for your treatment. (View price list)

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Serenity Smile Teeth Whitening

Life takes its toll on our teeth. Stains from coffee and other foods can cause our teeth to become dull and yellow. Our teeth whitening process works quickly and effectively. By brightening your smile, you will feel better about yourself and your appearance. Have new-found confidence in your smile—teeth whitening is a safe process that can take your smile from ordinary to extraordinary in a few minutes.

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Full-Body Airbrush Tan

This safe, airbrush alternative to the sun, gives your whole body a golden glow. We apply an even layer of sunless tanning lotion so your face and body will have a radiance that’s difficult to define. Look and feel your best—without sun damage! (View price list)

Full Body Brush Massage & Body Air Brush Tan

This invigorating treatment leaves your entire body rejuvenated and refreshed. Gently exfoliating dry skin cells enables best results with our full body airbrush tan. (View price list)

Ear Piercing

Serenity Spa offers gentle, professional and quick ear piercing. Ultra-thin earring posts and sterile fully enclosed earring capsules provide the safest ear piercing possible. Safe, sterile and stylish is our service! (View price list)

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