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Serenity Intensive Facial Treatments

From surface cleansing and massage to a customized mask treatment, our Intensive Facial Treatments will make your skin feel wonderfully hydrated and renewed. We are pleased to offer you a variety of beneficial facial treatments, customized for your skin type. Our certified and highly trained estheticians will assist you in choosing the facial that is right for your skin to achieve the very best results.

Serenity Deluxe Facial Treatments:

Serenity Organic Facial

As part of our promise to keeping the planet green and our spa beautiful, Serenity Spa invites you to experience nature’s refreshing and revitalizing skin renewal. Serenity Organic Facial breathes new energy for challenged immune systems and generates cell formation leaving you with a complexion that is even, balanced, radiant and healthy. Meadow foam, edelweiss, and natural plant oils calms and clarifies with pure energy. (View price list)

Detoxifying Spirulina Facial

Fragile, sensitive skin will benefit from this antioxidating facial. You will receive a hydrating, balancing ampoule, topped off with a replenishing algae mask. Your complexion will radiate youth and vitality. (View price list)

Collagen Fleece Facial

Soluble marine collagen deeply hydrates your skin like a drink of fresh spring water. An intensely moisturizing collagen sheet is applied to deeply replenish, hydrate and firm your skin. (View price list)

Glycolic Renewal Facial

For skin in need of regeneration, this rejuvenating facial includes a glycolic acid application, which exfoliates dead skin cells and fades discolourations. Boosts cell formation, too, for a healthy glow. (View price list)

High Skin Refiner Facial

Enriched with the unique lifting complex, this treatment reduces existing signs of aging, improves elasticity and stimulates cell regeneration. Effectively prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles. (View price list)

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